Saturday, August 29, 2009

Domesticated...I AM NOT!!!

Ian: "Kindra, are you becoming domesticated?"
Kindra: Pause...pause...""

Just because I do the dishes now, doesn't mean I'm domesticated. Surely cleaning the house everyday isn't a sign of maturity. Or cooking (no matter how easy the recipe) couldn't possibly be Kindra becoming a civilized person. Just because I stay at home, have a blog, and go to the occasional mommy 'n me class, do the laundry and get excited when Ian puts his dirty jeans in the hamper, cant possibly mean I'm becoming....cough, cough, cringe, domesticated.....Right? Right?
Uhmm...I'm going to go make a mess in the kitchen now!


Anonymous said...

uhmm I love you a lot quarter! This post makes me smile lots and lots!

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