Friday, September 24, 2010

Crystal Skye's Debut is sneaking up

Pregnancy Tickers from

We can't wait!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let it Snow!

12.5" of snow. A new record for Texas. All I can say is that it was magical. Check out these pictures.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Why I Love Kindra Even More Now

Things that have made my, Ian's, love for Kindra even stronger:

She is a great mother (Jade is a lucky girl). She can deal with my randomness. She has faith in me. She supports me. She will stand by my side. She anchors me. She buoys me. She loves me. She gives service to me. She confides in me. She is my pillar of hope. She is my best friend. She is my confidant. She understands me. She is even more beautiful. She inspires me. She makes me a better man.

She is my saving grace, the catalyst of my progression, my hope, my buoy, my North Star by which to navigate the treacherous seas of life.

Why I Fell In Love With Kindra

Why I, Ian, fell in love with Kindra:

She is beautiful. She is graceful. She is thoughtful. She is spiritual. She is strong willed. She is determined. She is independent. She is giving. She is intelligent. She is caring. She is fun. She is motivated. She is gentle. She is strong. She is kind. She is faithful. She has great faith. She is loyal. She is hard-working. She is playful. She is exotic. She has great common-sense. She is adventurous. She is devoted. She is unwavering. She is random. She is passionate. She is fearless.

She is the embodiment of all I ever wanted, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

65 Degrees...

 Its a beautiful first day of Autumn! 65, cloudy, breezy, all in all just wonderful. To help celebrate the changing of the seasons, Christmas music could be heard in our apartment. The Fall is always a good time of the year, for with it comes a lot of good things. Kindra's birthday approaches, Jade will turn one, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, college football, and no more oppressive Texas Sun. Last but not least, it allows for more of my favorite activity, snuggling with my smokin' hot wife, its ok to be jealous.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What's Cookin'? JADE SOUP!

Nine months of mommy hood has yielded one very important lesson. That's right, just one. :) And that is "mommy, whatever toy you buy me just cannot be nearly as spectacular as your cell phone, remote control or computer". Why we indulge in toys that we think are "oh-so spectacular" still alludes Jade. Always one to reinforce her particular feelings, my little "Azaza"  decided the kiddie pool I had been eyeballing for months and eventually broke down and got, was simply not as cool as the pot I used to fill it with.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Gunna be A SUCKA!!

Smiley Face

 A cherubic grin splashes her face as her prize she holds up high,
Clutched in a king fu grip amidst her toys is where the cheerio lies.
At the mention of bed, she strikes her cheesiest pose and hopes for some sort of delay,
She offers her prize in a semblance of peace, and attempts to crawl away.
Swept up in an instant, she cocks her head up and offers the lopsided grin,
Honestly, how do they know these things? Im forced to cup her little chin.
You've got to get your rest young lady, you're happier when you do.
A chubby, little hand pats my face as she reaches to kiss my cheek too.
Just a little gooey inside, I start the path that inevitably leads to a pout,
The precious bundle looks in my eyes and says "mama?".........Umm, this mama is out!


Smiley Face

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mommy Homework

Sooooo.... I am off on a quest for the best carseat and wouldn't you know it, I find that I simply am not a good mom unless I am willing to spend the upwards of $200 dollars for a temporary carseat.
Well, fortunately for this mom, I'm okay without all the bells and whistles as long as Jader-pies is safe. So, for anyone looking, The Cosco Scenera meets all the safety standards, will face forward or back, and best of all, it's on sale at Walmsrt right now!
Go thrift shoppers!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Domesticated...I AM NOT!!!

Ian: "Kindra, are you becoming domesticated?"
Kindra: Pause...pause...""

Just because I do the dishes now, doesn't mean I'm domesticated. Surely cleaning the house everyday isn't a sign of maturity. Or cooking (no matter how easy the recipe) couldn't possibly be Kindra becoming a civilized person. Just because I stay at home, have a blog, and go to the occasional mommy 'n me class, do the laundry and get excited when Ian puts his dirty jeans in the hamper, cant possibly mean I'm becoming....cough, cough, cringe, domesticated.....Right? Right?
Uhmm...I'm going to go make a mess in the kitchen now!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kitty Kissing

Would you beleive it, Jade has had her first kiss!? Always a flirt, this decisive little one set her sights on a cute blonde in Little Gym class. Those who know Jade are aware she feels the need to check out any new situation for about 20 minutes before she lets loose. The clock struck twenty and this little love bug crawled, with haste,  accross the whole mat to get to her prince charming. As they sat facing each other, a few awkward attempts at cheek pecking was shot down. Jade looked at Little Blonde, Little Blonde looked at Jade, and WA-BOOM! Mouth to mouth kiss. It was by far the funniest thing i think I have ever seen. Oh, Jade, If you only knew how much you entertain me!